Get a brief understanding about ISFAS

1. What is ISFAS

ISFAS is an international platform for scholars, researchers and practitioners to discuss interdisciplinary research and practices in the fields of fundamental and applied sciences. ISFAS has been held annually since 2013.

2. Keynote Speech

2013: Probabilistic Analysis of Volcanic Ash Dispersion over Korea

2014: The Multipolar 21st Century: Implications for Global Stability

2015: Applications of hybrid-artificial neural network in geotechnical engineering

2016: Impressive Slideshow without Presentation Software

2017: Innovation in ASEAN 2025

2018: Social Entrepreneurship Education as a Means for Inspiring Social Change

2019: Migration of Aqueous and Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids in Deformable Double-Porosity Soil under                            Earthquake Effects

3. Venue of the Country

4. Nationality of the Committees

The committees are from diverse countries. According to the record of 2019, the committees come from 23 different countries in total.

The numbers of the Asian nationalities of the committees account for around two-third of the total numbers of nationalities in 2019. The majority of the committees come from South Korea, Taiwan, India, Malaysia and Philiphine. Nearly one-third of the total numbers of nationalities are from North and South America countries and European countries, including the United States and England.

5. How Many Research has been Published since 2013?
Thousands of research has been published since 2013. Thousands of papers have been presented through out oral presentations or poster sessions by authors and co-authors from many countries. A variety of topics have been shared by large groups of academic delegates.

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