The AI Revolution is Here

Uploaded on 2019.06.26

The world is witnessing the biggest man-machine collaboration in its history. As CEO of a company that is playing a key role in this technology revolution, I see a future where artificial intelligence is embedded in every walk of life.

AI will revolutionize our lives by bridging the gap between what humans are capable of and what is actually possible. It will penetrate across industries to take over basic tasks from humans, seamlessly interacting with our daily lives. At Tech Mahindra, for example, we have designed and implemented a facial recognition system to check-in employees, thereby eliminating the need of traditional identification cards and other login processes. And while such technologies may sound threatening due to things like privacy concerns, the advancements we'll experience over the next few years — in driving, shopping, entertainment, business efficiency and even diagnosing and treating patients — has the potential to create a less complicated, more connected, and smoother operating society.


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