Johnson Huang
Speech Title: A concept of medical information layout strategy: Digital transformation in healthcare


Johnson Huang, the founder/current general manager of AdvMeds, is a serial entrepreneur who has won many awards of entrepreneurial competitions. With years of experience in the development and promotion of medical systems, he has participated in the national electronic medical record program, served as an IT consultant for hospitals and NGOs, and has been developing AIDS electronic information systems in Africa for several years.

AdvMeds focuses on integrating medical and health care services, by using communication technology to improve the quality and effectiveness of medical and care services of our partners, through the introduction and promotion of medical information. They support clients ranging from hospitals and businesses to small communities and individuals, as far as to organization such as Southern African Development Community (SADC).

Tracking Chip
No APPs needed. Just your smartphone to help those lost ones.
Accuracy: Call center personnel can more accurately pinpoint locations.
Commonality: Incorporates essential functions such as calls and QR Codes
Safety: User information is securely encrypted.
The Application Process